Código Concursal de la Empresa

Author: Marta Brosa. Publisher: Difusión Jurídica (Madrid 2010)

This work aims to compile the legislation applicable to insolvency situations from the general business perspective, without addressing special sectors.

It consists of two blocks. The first, includes the specifically insolvency regulations, which contains LO 8/2003 of Reform Bankruptcy of the Judicial Branch; The Law 22/2003 Insolvency – modified by the RDL 3/2009 and the Law 13 / 2009-; RD 685/2005 on advertising of bankruptcy resolutions; RD 1860/2004 on fee of rights of insolvency administrators; And Directive 2008/94 / EC on the protection of employees in the event of the insolvency of the employer.

The second includes the main normative references to insolvency situations dispersed in the legal system, systematized by subject matter.