The Commercial Department of our Firm consists of lawyers with ample training and economic experience, who, when intervening, act from a perspective that is directed towards our clients’ business and the creation of value. Accordingly, in those matters entrusted to us, our commitment with the client includes, in addition to the legal rigour, the global view, the knowledge of the environment, the energetic defence of their interests, the implication, the effectiveness, common sense and concrete results.


  • Distribution contracts, agency, franchise and all types of commercial agreement; services; administration; the execution of productive investments; externalisation; management; and all matters relating to commerce
  • Defining and controlling the basic criteria and the judicial system of documentation and filing
  • Internal training for management
  • Risk control for clients and mechanisms for credit guarantees
  • Strategic negotiation of contracts
  • Evaluation and control of contractual risks
  • Resolution and breaches

Company Law

  • Setting up of companies, international structures and all type of associated structures (cooperatives; private companies; associations etc.)
  • Bylaws
  • Company Secretary
  • General meetings
  • Control of subsidiaries
  • Restructuring and share taking
  • Liquidations and crisis situations
  • Partner agreements and voting blocks
  • Corporate government and good governing
  • Liability of administrators
  • Practice and protection of the rights of partners
  • Defensa de minorías
  • Defence of minorities
  • Legal assistance to Directors
  • Relations with partners
  • Company disagreements


  • Purchase and sale of businesses, branches of activity or assets
  • Planning the strategic operation
  • Legal audit of the purchase
  • Negotiation
  • Management of the legal audit from the position of the vendor
  • Evaluation and legal cover for risks and contingencies
  • Financial structures and guarantee
  • International structures and foreign investments
  • Management of contingencies and hidden liabilities
  • Mediation of disputes


  • Acts of unfair competition
  • Legal cover before disloyal associates
  • Mechanisms for assuring trade secrets and confidentiality
  • Operations of domestic concentration and in the area of the EU
  • Management and procedures with the bodies for the defence of domestic and European competition

Advertising and Consumer Protection

  • Advertising legislation
  • Advertising contracts, sponsorship, means of purchase, telemarketing or promotion
  • Exploitation of image rights
  • Consumer protection
  • Product liability; product warnings

Financial Markets

  • Legal system for investment companies
  • Listed companies; operations of acceptance and exclusion; fulfilling regulations
  • Contracts of financial services
  • Investor protection
  • Takeover bids
  • Relations with the CNMV; management of documents and communications
  • Shareholders’ associations

Real Estate, Building And Engineering

  • Property and real property rights
  • Sale audits
  • Leases
  • Acquisition of real estate that is encumbered, charged or the subject of litigation
  • Sale of land, real estate and complexes
  • Building contracts; vacant possession; engineering; project management; technical direction; commercialisation; exploitation; hotels; financial aspect; and everything belonging to the real estate and construction sectors
  • Delivery of work, contractual breaches; penalties and abuses
  • Building defects

Family Business

  • Family protocol
  • Government bodies; relation between the professional structures and the family
  • Succession planning
  • Legal structure for tax maximisation