In its activity of integral advice to the business and the surrounding area, our Firm also pays particular attention to the legal defence in proceedings related to these types of crimes, connected to the commercial and business activity.

With reference to the above, there is a growing demand for professional advice concerning all classes of illicit acts that can arise in the business area, such as how to prevent them, how to stop them, and once produced, defending with the appropriate legal response.

Our specialists in the Department of Corporate Crime Law offer, with full professional capacity, integral advice concerning:

  • Company crimes and disloyal administration
  • Punishable insolvency and bankruptcy crimes
  • Economic crimes in their widest sense (frauds, misappropriation, illegalities, document falsification, etc.)
  • Company crimes involving occupational hazards. Sexual harassment
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury and Social Security
  • Crimes involving town planning and the environment
  • Business, Public Administration and graft
  • Crimes involving industrial and intellectual property
  • Domicile of the business and its burglary; business secrets and their disclosure
  • Protection of the business’ good name. Business image (end of financing, client mistrust)