In the Department of Food Law we offer an integral legal service, specialised in the law relating to food and the food production business. The object of our work is one of the oldest sectors and at the same time, one of the most sophisticated in the economy, being the production and sale of food products, which ranks amongst the most controlled. Our client is as much the producer of the food products as well as the distributor and the final consumer.

We adapt our advice to the speciality of the food business, and we take into account the peculiarities of the family business, of the cooperative and the other productive forms of organization in the primary sector.

The sale of food products, food security

Our professionals advise the clients in all specific legal aspects taking into account as much the functioning of the food business as well as the sale of the food products, bearing in mind such aspects as the free trade of food products in Spain and Europe, the fulfilling of hygiene requirements, food security and management. We deliver a preventative advice and represent our clients in appeals when faced with sanctions, immobilization or obstacles in the distribution of a product.

The new categories of food products

We advise our clients in all those legal aspects taking into account the manufacture and sale of bio products, functional products, and genetically modified products. Likewise, we advise about the regulations concerning additives, contaminants and waste.

Application of the regulations for competition regarding food products and the food production business

Advertising the products, unfair competition. Our professionals advise clients on the current implications of agreements and mergers in the food sector and on the abuses of the dominant position. Competition Law and Interprofessional Organizations.

Responsibility of the food producing enterprise and the patrimony of the Administration

We assist our clients in all aspects of civil, criminal and administrative responsibility relating to the food- producing businessman, representing them in the administrative and legal process. In this case we have a recognised experience in questions of patrimonial responsibility of the Administration.

National and International Trade

With the help of our professionals from the Commercial Department, we advise our clients on commercial trade, and the national and international distribution of products. Introduction abroad, distribution, establishing branches, acquiring companies. Lease agreements, partnerships, completion agreements, etc. Electronic trade in food products.

Corporate law and taxation of the food producing business

Corporate law and the taxation of the food producing business. With the collaboration of our lawyers and economists from the Taxation Department, we advise the family business, the cooperatives and organizations of producers and interprofessionals. Taxation of the food product.

Food naming and trademarks

The law relating to industrial and intellectual property. Registration and legal defence of origin names, geographic indications and quality brands.