The Department of Insolvency & Bankruptcy offers direction and indispensable advice in situations of economic crisis, both from a legal perspective, as well as from a business advising aspect, given the legal-economic training of its professionals.

Our Department possesses the professional experience, which brings thirty years of dedication to these matters, both as lawyers of the businesses in crisis, as well as of the creditors affected by the insolvency process. Specifically, the services we offer are:

Restructuring Businesses in Crisis

Preparing, drawing up and introducing viability plans which permit overcoming the crisis without the need to pursue the legal course. For this it is necessary to determine the causes, specify the corrective measures in each of the areas of the business and outline the future projections regarding the implementation.

Recovery of Loans

if our client is a creditor affected by a temporary receivership or bankruptcy, we advise him during the whole legal proceeding, guaranteeing the acknowledgement of the whole of his debt, and exercising all rights that the law recognises to creditors, attempting to recover the greatest amount possible of the loan.

Temporary Receivership

Preliminary study of the economic background and legalities of the business, determining the strategy to follow and an analysis of the effects; preparation and presentation of all necessary documentation; following the legal proceeding with a permanent attendance to the direction of the business, and to the receivership bodies, seeking the help of the creditors to approve the agreement.