The team of professionals that constitutes our Tax Department consists of lawyers and economists with great experience in business advice, both on the domestic scale as well as international. The twin legal and economic view of matters allows us to offer clients a tax plan that optimises the cost of the operations.

The Firm provides a continuous service of advice, developing a complete analysis for the client on taxation questions that ensure the correct application and the maximum benefit of the taxation regulations for the business. Our professionals carry out revisions and taxation audits, as well as assisting the client in the defence of his rights before the Public Taxation Authority

Daily taxation

Drafting and submitting periodic tax declarations of the companies that require this service. For these companies we also offer a legal address for tax purposes.

Tax planning

Tax planning essentially involves plans to reduce the tax burden of businesses, always within the area of economy of choice. Nowadays, this service forms the major consideration in the activities of our Department, both at a domestic level, as well as international.

Tax checking

From day to day, gaps can exist in the fulfilment of taxation obligations, as a result of amendments regularly occurring in the legislation.

The programme of tax checking is of a formal external nature that our tax experts provide for our clients with object of checking the fulfilment of all tax obligations

Tax restructuring

Tax restructuring basically affects taxation in the form of Company Tax, forming a tax benefit. The advantages are, inter alia, having a tax on the taxable income, the elimination of withholdings within the group, the possibility of accessing the finance tools such as cash pooling and the reduction or elimination of the problem of price transfers.

Our specialists analyse the possibility of accessing consolidation on behalf of the client, planning the necessary measures at the company level to be able to enjoy it and preparing all necessary documentation to be able to access the said scheme. The advice to the client in this field also carries with it the preparation of the consolidated return, through the appropriate information circuits.

Tax inspection procedure

In addition to the preventive phase, the tax advice also covers tax inspection before different Public Administrations.

Economic-administrative appeals

When it is necessary to arrive to the highest instance of contentious-administrative, our tax experts work in close collaboration with the professionals from the Litigation Department of our Firm to draft appeals under econocomic and administrative procedure or that can be challenged administratively and adversarially (litigiously).

Succession in the family business

Our Firm has many years advising the family business in the legal and economic area, understanding closely the problems that the businessmen must confront with regard to succession in their organization. The accumulated experience causes our professionals to understand the business succession projects, not only from the economic point of view, but also taking into consideration the special personal situations that arise.

Our tax experts resolve the planning of actions so as to reduce or eliminate the tax charge, quantifying the present and future tax debts and the payment of taxes. All this in close collaboration with our professionals from the Commercial Department, who work in all the civil, company and business aspects of succession.


We offer accounting advice and do the accounting.

We also draft annual accounts, including report and balance sheet, and submit them at the Companies Registry.

The books of the company are also drafted and submitted at the Companies Registry via internet.