Our Firm offers an integral advice in all areas that form part of town planning, thanks to a wide and long experience dealing with the Public Administrations (autonomous, local or of the sector).

Our professionals are specialists as much in planning as in urban management and discipline; working with an enormous knowledge of the political sectors and of each Administration, as well as the legislative alternatives that can provide a solution for each specific problem. We pay special attention to the consequences flowing from regulations regarding the environment, roads, water legislation, coats and ports.

Urban planning

We work with our clients in the phase of developing or submitting all class of instrument of planning, and especially, in the procedures of reclassification or rezoning of land. We participate in the procedure for the approval of plans by means of written submissions and negotiation and applying urban agreements with the Administrations.

Urban management

We advise on all class of procedures concerning urban management, in their different autonomous modes. Compensation meetings, rezoning proceedings, urban procedures, condemnations and urban entities in collaboration with the Administration. We negotiate with public and private agents, with technical and political authorities; and we advise on all matters arising from the management of urban requirements and charges.

Urban discipline

We advise on and apply for all type of licences, permits and authorisations. Building licences, first occupancy, opening, classified activity. Likewise, we handle legalisation proceedings, suitability, rehabilitation, ruins and all type of urban discipline procedures. We collaborate in the development of all type of technical projects necessary for each activity from the urban law viewpoint.

Reports and opinions

We prepare reports of due diligence, opinions and urban consultations prior to acquiring the land.

Urban appeals

We defend all type of urban proceedings through appeals in the administrative line and in administrative courts.