Our Firm offers a specialised service in the resolution of and advice in all those questions arising from navigation, being shipping, air and land transport, and whether they are judicial or extra judicial, or simply consultations.

In this we are helped by the geographical distribution of our offices (that embraces the domestic market, both the peninsular and island) as well as the international network of collaborators to which we belong. The Department of Maritime and Transportation Law also counts on outside collaborators of a nautical and expert level.

 Transportation Law
  •  Shipping contracts
  •  Multimode transport
  •  Contracts of maritime towing
  •  Passenger shipping contracts
  •  Loadings know how. Bills of lading and similar documents
  •  International trade and credit documents. Import and export
Maritime Law and Charters
  •  Contracts of logistics services
  •  Distribution, deposits, correspondents
  •  Bill of lading
  •  General conditions of transportation contracts
  •  Transportation agents relationships
  •  Incidents and accidents responsibility
  •  Customs Law (administrative and tax)
  •  Lawsuits
  •  National and international arbitration
  •  International contracts
Legal constitution of shipping
  •  Construction and sale of vessels
  •  Entry in the Shipping Register
  •  Shipping mortgage
  •  Shipping exemptions
  •  Shipping liens
Navigation accidents. Ports and Merchant Marine
  •  Boardings
  •  Maritime salvage
  •  Freight claims
  •  Port legislation. Administrative concessions and authorizations
  •  Shipwrecks and discoveries. Historical-cultural patrimony
  •  Disciplinary measures
Maritime responsibility. Security and the Environment
  • System of ship owner liability. Limitation of liability
  • SOLAS and MARPOL agreements
  • CLC Agreement/Fund and SNP
  • Classification companies
Maritime Insurance
  •  Safety cover, goods and claim for damages for loss of profit
  •  Civil liability
  •  Fishing cover
  •  Risk protection and indemnification and coverage for liability in the maritime world. P&I Club
  •  Contractual models and policy interpretation
  •  General average
  •  Domestic and international arbitration. Recognition and execution of awards and foreign judgments