Pedro Brosa Ballesteros (1937 – 2011), founder of the Firm


BROSA is a firm that provides legal and economic services directed to satisfy the needs of a large enterprise as much as those of a small one, in a field as complex as the present business world. Thanks to a solid path of more than 50 years, the Firm occupies a prominent place in the Spanish ranking in its sector, competing with the most prestigious and sizeable, whether Spanish or international.

With a personal and confidential treatment, the Firm provides effective solutions to the problems of businesses in the legal, tax, economic, financial and consulting fields. BROSA offers a dynamic and experienced service because it counts on a team of lawyers and accountants which, from a multidisciplinary perspective, approaches business problems with a global and preventive vision.

The legal and economic experience acquired since Pedro Brosa-Ballesteros founded the Firm in 1964 as a sole practitioner, and with the work carried out daily by an extensive team of professionals, makes the present BROSA well-placed to confront the typical needs of the medium as well as the large businesses and the challenges of the future.

The very best results obtained during its history and the quality of service offered has given the Firm a solid national position, as well as an increasing and outstanding presence in the international context. In the legal and accounting fields, the Firm provides an important network of contacts and also belongs to various international organisations.

In their constant development, the skills of our professionals and their ability of global understanding of the business problems and opportunities have made a distinguishing and identifying mark on the personality of the Firm.

Performance Principles

Quality and Effectiveness

Quality and effectiveness characterise the service of BROSA, to arrive at appropriate solutions for each client, in terms of their idiosyncrasy and characteristics of each situation or problem.

Business Advice

Being the principle objective of BROSA to offer legal and economic advice to businesses, we can identify with their problems and anxieties and dedicate resources to the continuing training of our professionals, with the object of arriving at a heightened understanding of the managerial dynamic.

Integrated Services

BROSA is convinced that the only way of meeting the needs of its clients at the present time is to offer an integrated service; that is to say, multidisciplinary and co-ordinated.

Preventive Advice

A profitable and efficient business should not only confront problems when they arise but should also be aware of the importance of preventing them. BROSA anticipates in the analysis of future expectations what could occur from the conduct of its clients, always with a watchful eye on its daily tasks, assisting in the making and developing of their strategic plans.

Lawyers and Accountants

BROSA is composed of an extensive team of experts many of whom are qualified in at least the two areas of law and economics, which permits us to act as advisers with a global vision and, at the same time, to offer a high degree of specialisation in the handling of each matter.